Jiji.ng designs a new app!

  • By Damilare


Classifieds websites proved themselves to be one of the greatest achievements or better to say inventions, which have truly the principles of trade relations. With Jiji.ng, for example, you can buy literally everything, and you can do it without any hustle or spending too much time or money. There is a dozen if categories comprising all goods and services it is possible to imagine. Everyone can post an ad for free, and everyone can look for what they need as easily. The service is really simple to use.

To start purchasing, you just need a laptop. Actually, it was so before. Since Jiji has designed a new app for Android, there is no such need anymore. The interface is very convenient. Everything looks like it does on the website, so you won’t need to search for too long. The searching process remains the same – open a category you need, make list, click on an item, and reply to an ad. The slist of similar offers and frequent searches are available as well.



To make everything go faster, view the seller’s contacts and simply call this person. They are for sure verified. So you’ll communicate with a real person. Get some additional and specific information; ask some questions to find out what you are interested in. Finally, fix the meeting. If you are lucky, you’ll even get a chance to bargain!


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