Parents at Blue Ivy’s School Annoyed with Beyonce and Jay Z

  • By Olamide Onipede



When you’re the child of two of the biggest stars in the world, it only makes sense that your parents wouldn’t want to take any chances when it comes to your safety. Such is the case with Blue Ivy,  the 3-year-old goes to her new preschool escorted by three bodyguards and two cars that ensure she gets in and out safely.

According to an alleged source from the West Hollywood school who spoke to InTouch Weekly, the parents of the other kids are not happy about it.

 “A security motorcade drops her off and picks her up from school. There are two cars and three bodyguards! Beyoncé and Jay Z have made things a huge hassle.
Other celebrity kids get dropped of by one driver, not an entire staff.” The source went on to say that parents have called it “tacky and over-the-top” considering
that quite a few celebrity children attend the elite school, but their moves don’t create such a scene. According to the source, comedian Will Ferrell’s youngest son
attends the school, but he “usually drops off and picks up his kid himself.”

But considering how big Beyoncé and Jay Z are, trying to take Blue to school each day on their own could bring about the paparazzi, which could bring even more confusion to the school. I’m sure these parents don’t want that.

At the end of the day, if this is a school full of celebrity kids, I’m not really sure why such precautions would upset people so much, but then again, folks always find a reason to take issue with these two. Either way though, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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