50 Cent Admits His Flashy Lifestyle is All Fake

  • By Olamide Onipede


50 Cent appeared in a Manhattan Supreme Court Tuesday morning, where he detailed his finances in front of a jury who is deciding how much money he has to pay to Lastonia Leviston​ in the leaked sex tape trial. Earlier this month, a civil court jury ruled that 50 had to pay a total of $5 million in the case, and then 50 promptly filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy a few days later.

In court today, 50 basically tried to convince the jury that he’s not as rich as it seems, and that most of his fortune is a front to appease his hip-hop lifestyle, according to Page Six.

“It’s like music videos, they say action and you see all these fancy cars but everything goes back to the dealership,” 50 said.

50 also claimed that most of his cars are rented, and that the jewelry he wears is borrowed from the jeweler rather than purchased.

50 and his legal team officially stated that he is worth no more than $4.4 million at the moment, and that he only saw a total of $3.8 million for the 38 million albums he’s sold in his career. In Forbes latest wealth reports, they placed 50’s net worth at closer to $155 million. While he was trying to play broke, 50 did have to admit that he still commands $200,000 for shows currently, and that he was recently paid that amount for a concert in London. 50 also apologized to Leviston in court today, and said that the leaking of the tape was done because of the hip-hop competition with Rick Ross. “Now that I’ve filed for bankruptcy…I’m not as cool as I was last week,” 50 said in court.

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