Armed men burst into Chris Brown’s house, lock his aunt in closet

  • By Olamide Onipede

chris brown

Armed intruders ‘tailed Chris Brown before holding the singer’s terrified aunt hostage in his home’ while he performed at Hollywood club
He recently suffered a break-in which saw his terrified aunt held hostage.

And now law enforcement sources in LA believe the 26 year-old singer was ‘tailed’ – meaning he was actively monitored by a criminal gang who waited until he was busy with a public appearance before striking.

According to a report on TMZ, the armed intruders told Chris’ aunt that they knew he was at a Hollywood nightclub and ‘needed to move fast’ before he came home.

In fact, the source adds there was a person planted in the audience who was ‘keeping tabs on him’.

They also suspect that the intruders were known to the singer, who apparently had a habit of inviting virtual strangers back to his abode for post-club gatherings.  The update comes just 24 hours after Brown’s aunt was allegedly locked in a closet and held at gunpoint by three intruders while the unknowing rapper partied in a nearby club.

The masked men are said to have forced their way into his 26-year-old singer’s Los Angeles home at 2am on Wednesday, before holding his aunt hostage and then ransacking the place for valuables.

Officer Liliana Preciado told the media: ‘The suspects got away with an unknown amount of cash, electronics and personal items.’ 

Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, believes the incident was an inside job, according to TMZ.

Sources told the site she has been warning him for years about people she calls ‘no good-ass friends’. Hours after the home invasion … Joyce tweeted, ‘Watch who you standing beside.’

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