Chris Brown disses the Grammys, says he’ll be happy if Rihanna gets with Leo Dicaprio

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Chris Brown and Tyga are currently promoting their new joint album- Fan Of A Fan 2, which drops Feb. 24th and have been doing a lot of interviews. In an interview with Hot 97 today, Chris Brown dissed the Grammys, Drake, and said he’d be happy to hear his ex Rihanna is dating Leonardo Dicaprio. Meanwhile, Tyga said he’s not going to stop being ‘friends’ with Kylie. Real all that below…

Chris Brown on The Grammys:
“The Grammy is f*cking bullsh*t. I’m that great that I don’t need to vote for myself. So many people are scared to say something. I kinda give it to Kanye [West] cause say what you want. I think it should be a different form of how they judge.

Chris Brown on Drake:
“This n*gga not making us no money by us talking about him. We not getting no checks by this n*gga. We making him hot by talking bout this n*gga. I’m not giving this n*gga no more ratings. I’m not taking his side cause I don’t mess with dude. I’m on probation so that’s all I’m gone say.

Chris Brown on Drake surprisingly dropping his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late:
“Yea that’s cool, forget him though. We talking about Beyonce. But that’s copying what you saw from the success you saw from somebody else.”

Chris Brown on having to reschedule dates for the “Between the Sheets” tour:
“I lost $3 million from doing that, $3 million in production. The thing that hurt me the most was it was already an approval. I had 100 hours left, but they knew doing that would mess up a lot of stuff. So they were like I had to finish the 100 hours before I went on tour. I wish they had told me that two, three weeks in advance.”

Chris Brown on PETA coming for him and Karrueche :
“As far as PETA, I wish they would throw a cup of paint on me.” Then he quickly changed it up, “I don’t wish. I’m on probation, so how about we not throw paint and we find another way to converse on this situation [laughs].”

On he and Karrueche showing up in matching furs at NYFW:
“We’re great. We never really got a chance to step out as a fly couple so being able to do that during Fashion Week at Michael Costello show, we just got a chance to go to the show and have some fun. She’s on the tour [with me] now. I love that girl.”

Chris Brown on Rihanna:
He said he didn’t send Rihanna a birthday text, but said he would give her a high-five if she gets with Leonardo DiCaprio. “I’m not a hater, I’m not envious. I can’t have it all.”

Chris Brown on having beautiful women around him while he’s in a relationship with Karrueche:
“If I was were to have 15 girls in the studio, my girl know it’s 15 girls in the studio. Am I boning the 15 girls? Naw, but they’re giving me inspiration. I can have b*tches…around.”

Tyga on his “friendship” with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner:
“She’s just a good person. I love being around her. It’s my decision to continue to be around her. I don’t think it’s the world’s decision to dictate that.”

Tyga on Kylie’s family giving them the side-eye:
“We always hung out whether if I was in a relationship or not. They knew I had a kid. King [his son] would go over there and play with North [West] so it wasn’t nothing new. Life is about being happy and keeping yourself surrounded by people who bring that good energy.”

Tyga on tweeting Drake’s a “b*tch” on Twitter and then deleting it:
“Yea that was quick like, you know. You know how you get hot real quick then you think about it.”

Tyga on Cash Money:
“I learned a lot being around [Lil] Wayne, but I started realizing the business wasn’t right. I would ask him [Chris] questions because I didn’t know. It got to the point where I had to speak how I feel. Then, when I started speaking up, people start coming at me like I was crazy. You see the situation with Wayne right now and now people are like ‘damn, you was right.’”

Tyga on getting out of his YMCMB deal:
“I was supposed to be out the deal. They agreed to a number to let me out the deal. I was going to pay them a few million dollars to get out the deal. Even though they owed me money, I was going to pay them because I’m not petty. I just want to move on with my life and continue to build. I don’t know what happened, everybody went M.I.A.”

Tyga on how he gets money:
“I have a clothing line that’s a $20 million company. I have a boxer line that we’re about to put in stores. I have a real estate investment company that I just started. I don’t have the shoe deal with Reebok no more, I’m with L.A. Gear. I’m about to bring the light ups back because I want to do something that’s retro that ties in what we’re doing [with the album].”

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