Davido Set To Terminate His Sony Deal? Here’s All We Know

  • By Olamide Onipede

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Sony music act/DMW boss, Davido, is reportedly set to terminate his Sony Deal, any day now.

According to a number of sources, who credit other sources, who still credit other sources, the ‘Aye’ crooner is really angry with the management of the label as they have not only delayed the release of his album, but have also not paved the way into the American music market as promised.

Right now, the sourcing game has landed at the doorstep of TaleTV, who in their words wrote that “Davido is furious with #SonyMusic: According to his PR, they are not only delaying his album release but also, he feels like they are not doing much to help him migrate to the American music scene since the #FaderCover he emerged few months ago.. He’s threatening to leave if he doesn’t see results by the end of the year”.

But we have spoken to his managers, and can confirm that all the information above is false. He is not leaving DMW, at least, not yet.

According to sources, Davido might not release his anticipated sophomore album this year.

The singer had planned for a sophomore album titled “Baddest”, with hyperactivity last year laying the ground work for what would have been his most diverse album yet. Meek Mill had gotten a track, Trey Songz had recorded a verse, and videos had been shot to usher in a new body of work for OBO. A tracklist was leaked online, reviews were written, and the country’s media was on fever pitch anticipation.

But that was not to be. The album release was stalled with very little information offered as reason, or justification. After the preparations, nothing happened. But then news did come in at the end of 2015.

Davido has explained the reason behind the delay, citing the interest of a ‘big corporation’ with distribution interests as responsible for the delay.
“The album is done, everything, but funny enough, two days before we were about to drop the album, we got a call from a very big corporation that wants to be involved in the album distribution, that’s why we pulled back.” Davido told Pulse.

“There’s no point doing things the same. If you are going to do it big, there’s no point doing it at all. That’s why I chilled back, anad I want to let the big corporations do their work. But the album is coming.” He further said.

This year turned out to confirm that, with Sony Music swooping in fromthe high heavens, and offering him a record deal. Reports also reveal that prior to signing the deal, Davido consulted with renowned entertainment lawyer, Joel Katz, seeking advice and legal counsel. Joel Katz has in the past represented top global celebrities including James Brown, Ludacris, Justin Timberlake and brands like the Grammys, while he is also responsible for Michael Jackson‘s estate.

The deal will have the singer release two albums, but none of them will come in this year. Davido is expected to first release an EP to promote his brand in the US. That EP is tentatively set for release in August. The first single is to be released next month, with the singer currently off to the US to complete work on it.

The album might be released next year, although there has been no concrete talk about it. Davido’s deal with Sony required that he hit the studio and remake the sophomore album. Sony Music Entertainment, a global franchise will require lofty global standards of music that will ensure that a get a return on investment. This means the HKN singer will have to put his best sonic foot forward and create an album that is nothing short of a classic. The album will be heavily padded in quality to satisfy the music giants and only then will it be released.

Such an album takes time. Such a project will require time to create and immense effort to put together. Ensuring this happens from the Sony end will be Efe Ogbeni who facilitated the deal, and works with Sony/ATV. He will be the executive producer of the album.

Source: Pulse.ng

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