Eva Alordiah Speaks on Finding Self, Says She Almost Gave Up on Rapping

  • By Olamide Onipede


Not a few are looking forward to the official release of Eva Alordiah‘s debut album, 1960, but the rapper has said she almost gave up on rap, while speaking on how she found herself after self-doubts.

The talented rapper who doubles as a writer and make-up specialist, shared an insightful and inspiring post on her instagram page today, September 20, saying she has finally found a good reason to fall in love with her craft more.

“So I did get to the point where I looked at all these, dropped my pen and said “Fuck it. Aint doing this rap shit anymore.”
And really, I stopped. And then I got worse!
Because it wasn’t the ‘rap shit’ that was the problem, I was the problem. And when I finally began to fix the me problem, things just began to give way.
I found a way to fall in love with rap and music for a totally different reason than I did when I began my career and that was what made all the difference!

I tell you this because I don’t know what it is you are about to give up, but if you would just stop for a moment and really dig deep, ask yourself how it serves you and others and if that is worth throwing away. Sometimes, all that really needs to change is your paradigm, your purpose, your reason for doing what it is you do.
Maybe your former reasons and perceptions for it has changed. Maybe you have evolved and transcended the plane you used to operate from and there is now a disconnect which is what brings about the internal conflict you face.

I am sorry for how you feel and I know it is hard and painful and sometimes you cannot describe the pain and you just feel like tears. That’s fine. Do cry. You need it. Your soul needs it. But I promise it would go away, as soon as you are ready. ?? Whatever you do, just don’t walk away from something that once served you and your evolution here on earth until you have really proven to yourself that it doesn’t serve your higher purpose anymore.. #KillitNot **I am still trying to connect with all the fans here on Instagram one at a time. Post comments below please so I can find you!**”

A lot of positives to take from the rapper’s inspirational epistle.

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