Get Into My Closet! Kelly Rowland Gets Personal With ‘The Coveteur Magazine’ (Photos)

kelly rowland's closet

Kelly Rowland is the latest star to be featured on The Coveteur Magazine as the music star takes us into the closet of her West Hollywood home.

According to The Coveteur, “The singer’s style perfectly straddles the line between cozy neutrals and laidback basics and the more dialed-up pieces you’d probably expect—plus one seriously epic shoe collection, which is heavy on the Saint Laurent,Gianvito Rossi, Tom Ford, Aquazzura and Céline, housed alongside her collection of Grammys (casual).”

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They also got to talk to her about everything from beauty advice from Tina Knowles to the best burger euros can buy when in Paris and even contouring mishaps.

See excerpts below…

On her skin care: Right now I am obsessed with my facialist Shani Darden’s stuff. Ugh! It has saved my skin. After I had Titan, I felt like my hormones were all over the place, and I went to go see her because a friend of mine, Jen Atkin, told me about how ah-mazing Sheena was. I met her at Jessica Alba’s Baby-To-Baby event, and next thing I knew I was just like, ‘Let me go see this woman ‘cause everybody is raving about her!’ She started hovering over everything and she did my facial, and she was just magical. My skin just completely changed for the better. It was awesome.

On makeup: Eric Ferrell was the very first person to do my face when I was 15. That was when I learned how to contour. But I didn’t do it at all very well, I was horrible at it. I remember Destiny’s Child was at the Brit Awards and I attempted to contour my face. I’ll never forget: I was 19, and I looked like a monster [laughs]. I remember seeing him again and I was like, ‘Please, you have to show me how to do it right!’ Between makeup artists like him taking their time to show me how to [use makeup] and what colours to use on my skin—you learn and you fall in love with it.

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On fashion: [I learned to love fashion and beauty by] watching my mom. My mother was the woman who had every single makeup anything—she wanted it in every color, she wanted to make sure it was waterproof. My mom had everything. Then I met B’s mom, Tina. Tina is just glamorous. She always wore her red lipstick and her orange lipstick, and I remember I was scared to try those colors, and she was like, ‘Are you kidding me? Wear whatever you wanna wear!’ She put orange lipstick on me, red lipstick on me, and she just made me feel that it didn’t matter what shade I was—I could try anything. She made me feel like I could try it all!

On being confident in her skin: Beyoncé and I were raised in the salon with her mom, so we saw other women from different backgrounds—from lawyers to doctors to art collectors—all these successful women, and they were glamorous! I’ve just been surrounded by glamour, you know? I feel like my whole life has been surrounded by women of different skin tones who are beautiful and strong and confident in their own skin.