I Will Apologize to My Side Chicks Before Getting Married- MI Abaga

  • By Olamide Onipede


Chocolate City CEO and rapper MI Abaga told Saturday Beats in a recent interview that he will apologize to his side chicks before he tie the knot with his main boo.

MI also said he would like to keep his relationship life private.

In his words:

“Anybody that asks me about my relationship status knows that I would never answer because I feel it should be private. Let’s say I have a girlfriend and I say that I am getting married, the ripple effect would be crazy. For me to make that statement, I may have to inform potential side chicks that I am about to make a press statement and they should not be offended. I may have to call their parents to tell them that I am making such a statement.

The implications are far reaching and because of that I feel, if you want to have a real life, you have to protect your privacy no matter how much the media snoops around. That being said, when I am ready, everyone would know. When you declare that you are getting married, it might offend someone somewhere.”

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