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  • By Damilare

Some think that fashion is too complicated and absolutely useless. Some praise it too much. Fashion and Beauty at Jiji Blog advises to find a compromise.

Jiji Blog can become your best friend and an expert in important questions if you let it to become one. The blog has gathered lots of interesting and useful information, and the fashion department is also actively working.

The most important thing is to remember about the difference between ‘fashion’ and ‘style’. Don’t buy something that doesn’t fit you only because someone said it is fashionable. Stick to your guns, find your own style. And we will try to help you by telling about some of the interesting latest trends.

  1. Wax ski jacket comes out from mountains to everyday world.
  2. Any weather is easier to survive with extra-long sleeved clothes. Thus, no one needs gloves anymore.
  3. Puffer jackets are finally approved. Get one to feel cozy.
  4. Summer dresses become winter dresses if you wear them upon knit turtleneck sweater. And no, this is not a joke.
  5. Get some massive high heels and platforms inspired by 90s.
  6. If last year everyone was obsessed with camel coats, this year navy style outfit cause the same obsession.
  7. One more timeless thing is leggings. Style them under dress or skirt to feel cozy and look nice.
  8. Faux fair also makes way back, especially worn in diagonal or attached as a collar.
  9. Don’t be afraid to choose a masculine look, just add a touch of femininity.
  10. Lots of layers are okay this winter. Keeping warm and comfortable is in trend.
  11. Lots of velvet, leather, and pleating is okay, too. It seems that this winter is going to be nostalgic.
  12. What is more, embroidery and lace are also welcome.
  13. Add some metallic shine.
  14. Cropped pants will be a winter alternative for ripped jeans.
  15. Sleepwear as outwear – in the end, it’s pajamas you feel the most comfortable in.

Trust your own taste, don’t be afraid to experiment, and don’t forget to check out Jiji Blog for new fashion tips.

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