M.I Says Tyga Might Feature on His Upcoming Album

  • By Olamide Onipede


M.I hints a new album might be on its way less than a year after the release of his third studio album, Chairman. The A-list rapper says he is still shooting videos off Chairman, has an album waiting but as a big artiste he has to do an international collaboration hence Tyga is being talked to.

M.I told Vanguard, “this is probably my most productive period. I am shooting a lot of videos. I am also making a lot of music. I have seventy songs left over from the Mr Chairman album. I recorded them as an EP but I don’t want to put them out now. I have an album that is waiting, but again, as a big artiste, I have been talking with Tyga to feature in my album.”

“So it is not what you will rush into, it is going to take time to put all those things together. The bigger we get here in Nigeria the more we are noticed internationally even in America. The only thing Americans do that is different from what we do is that, they sell their identity so well but the reality now is that we are not so far behind them.

We had Jay Z’s cousin here in this our office recently and he was talking to us. He said that because Nigerians do not know that their music is good enough, they don’t sell it like the best music in the world. He said that is the only thing that is missing in our packaging and advised we should sell our music like the best in the whole world. There is no magic in what they do in America. I am excited about my works that will soon be out and I was also excited to sign a Globacom deal last year for ring tones. We have the potential to be the largest market in the world.”

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