Nicki Minaj Says Her Mother was Skeptical About Affair with Meek Mill Initially

  • By Olamide Onipede

nicki minaj

It is no longer news that Meek Mill and Young Money act, Nicki Minaj are in a sizzling relationship, but Nicki has said her mother was initially skeptical about her affair with the MMG rapper.

The couple cover the latest issue of GQ Magazine and Nicki revealed the moment she started harbouring feelings for the rapper who spent six months in jail for an inappropriate instagram post a few months ago.

He was on my mind the day before, because I saw him going off on Twitter, and I was like, ‘Oh man, he needs somebody to, like, make him feel good right now,’” she says. “So when I heard he went to jail, I was really disappointed. I reached out to his people like, ‘Yo, let him know I’m praying for him to come home.’ And they told him, and he asked them to call me for him. And it was like, I remember sitting on my balcony at my house and just being on the phone with him until it started getting dark outside. And I was just like, ‘Yo, I’m in trouble.’ I just knew that first day. It was that long conversation. I was like uh-oh.”

Speaking on the embrace of her affair with Meek by her family, Nicki said her mum and her pastor were both skeptical as they didn’t know much about the rapper at the time.

My mother only knows Meek from what she sees in public, in the media,” she says. “She met him now, but she just wants to make sure he’s a nice guy. She’s overprotective of her daughter. Another thing people don’t realize is I’ve only had three boyfriends in my whole life. I’ve never dated around… I don’t have a whole lot of experience in that department, so my mother and my family were very like, ‘What?’ This is a big step, because they’ve only known one thing for over a decade. Even my pastor, who’s like a second mother, was scared. Everybody was just scared. Those women were scared for me because when I love someone I really let them in, and I really let me guard down. And I think it’s only natural for a mother to just, you know, she just wanted to make sure I wasn’t rushing into anything.”

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