P-Square: Peter Okoye Might Be Secretly Dumping His Brothers

  • By Olamide Onipede



Peter has just concluded a deal with telecom giant, Globacom, to power his pet project tagged “Dance with Peter” without his twin brother anywhere in the picture. Big deal? It would have really been a big deal if he had not only recently clinched another deal with Olympian Milk, without his brother in the detail again. Maybe, this would have been less disturbing if his brother, Paul, were snapping up deals of his own. He is not. His only life-line, as it appears, is only his tie to the group, which Peter seems to be inadvertently running away from.
The defence on Peter’s side, as some people have mooted, is that he is the extrovert one while his brother is the introvert. But isPsquare extrovert or introvert.

On his solo ‘Dance with Peter’ reality TV show project, he claimed it was a dream he has been nurturing for more than five years. Kaffy, Ehis and Nosa, the Psquare choreographer are all on board without Paul in sight. Doesn’t Paul know anything about dancing?

When he clinched the Olympian Mike endorsement he said it had nothing to do with Psquare, likening himself to a footballer who plays for a team and gets solo endorsement with a separate company.
Has Peter really forgiven his brothers, Paul, and Jude, their manager? During the problem that nearly tore them apart, Peter accused his brothers of disrespecting his wife and vowed never to forgive them for it. There was also a hint that because he is the passive member in the group the brothers could do without him. Some reports claimed that the real brain of the group is Paul, who does most of the singing and composing while Peter is a mere dancer, who tags along only because of his blood tie and dance skills.

At the peak of their rift, a report claims Peter didn’t want settlement because he felt stifled by his brothers and wanted out to really discover himself. If he is on this quest he is doing a nice job of it because he has got two new solid identities without his brothers breathing down his neck.

Psquare has just won the best group of the decade at the just concluded MTV Africa Music Award and has so much going for them. It would be a shame and a big loss to African music to see this group sacrificed on a platter of anything.

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