Rapper Wale shares childhood photos, reflects on life

  • By Olamide Onipede


US rapper took some time out to reflect on his life and shares childhood photos. He was such a cute little man, Check out what he wrote and another photo below…

“9/21 winds down
I reflect
I am thankful for the wisdom God has bestowed upon me.. I grew up fucked up.. In and out of programs for kids with “behavior issues” and even in my older age I still show shades of that kid who can’t walk away from a fight, can’t control his anger , acts on impulse, and doesn’t deal with authority well.
I’m thankful for my highs and lows.. I ain’t perfect , and my imperfections tend to speak louder than my good qualities to some.shyt to MANY. My only wish this year is that the world soon knows my heart. I want to be great. I want to inspire somebody who is constantly against the odds to be great. #everybluemoon was created when I needed it most. I been down ,I been sad I hid my pain for years , shit I still hide it at times! Understanding there is NO sympathy for a “rich” nigga . (Nobody cares cuz they assume I rap so I’m ok) I learned to push through anything .I sacrificed having a “real life” wit the hope that maybe I’d eventually find love or a woman who would be tough enough to thug through my immense flaws WITH me. I put my all into my art wit the hope that one day it’s rewards me with some type of confirmation that my practice patience and persistence isn’t in vain.
To my SUPPORTERS .. You all give me the greatest gift of all.. unconditional appreciation for what I put my heart in. For that I’m forever in debt. Sometimes it sucks and I feel alone .. (No kids no wife etc). and I feel like an alien to have none at this point in life. BUT I look In the eyes of some of the genuine ppl who follow my career and . BOOM there it is , I’m reminded that the path I’m on is righteous . I see #thegodsmile in you.. To my HATERS.. I won’t say I enjoy it.. That’s that fake shit nobody likes being hated.. But I will say.. You too are affirmation, u remind me that no matter how good u are to people there will be people who don’t want u to be happy for whatever reason.To everyone.. I’m glad you wit me on this ride.. Continue to inspire that fire that’s inside of me.. For better or worse.. Love hard or don’t love at all! I promise you umma continue to chase the impossible until it’s possible for all of you . . Thank you.”wale1

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