I’m a good basketballer -MI

  • By Olamide Onipede


Mr Incredible himself MI recently opened up on his past as a personal assistant to Jeremiah Gyang.He also revealed he is in a relationship and is a good basketballer player. He told Leadership ng

What are the three things people don’t know about MI?

That‘s a good one- three things people don’t know about me. I’m a good basketballer. A lot of people don’t know that I play the game well. Ask Sound Sultan.

From Jeremiah Gyang’s personal assistant to superstar, did you ever think you’d get this big?

Not at all! I could never have envisaged being at this point in my career. It’s all the work of God as no one ever really thinks they would amount to something in this entertainment industry of ours. We just launch out, record our songs, work hard and hope for the best. I’m one of the most fortunate musicians here since 2009, when I won MAMA and began to be noticed because of my songs, especially A Naughty A Naughty and African No1 ft Flavour. It has been a learning curve in the industry and MI is not there yet. Life and hardwork bring a duality of success. Also, I must give big kudos to Jeremiah Gyang who created the pathway for us-artistes from Jos. We owe him that honour.

You are bigger than him (Jeremiah Gyang) now , do you agree?

Bros, (Jeremiah Gyang) is the boss o. I understand what you are referring to as regards my work feeding more audience, but it still is music. Yes, I do rap and it has caused a revolution in this space; for that I can only give Baba God the glory. He makes one great and nothing is ever done without Him.

So, who is the woman in your life?

Hmm… I have three women in my life: my mother, Jade (who is my wonderful niece) and a nameless woman. I don’t talk about my relationship publicly.

How does MI cope with criticism by fans and other people on social media?

I, for one, do not dwell much on social media. I don’t stay there. I go to Twitter, drop my stuff and leave. I don’t know why someone who does not even know jack about me would condemn and make me feel bad on social media. I only engage my fans if I have to, and real fans don’t rubbish their artistes in the media. But largely, having been in the industry for a while, I’m focused enough not to have much time to respond to criticisms like that. My life philosophy is ‘live and let live’.

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