Actress Amy Poehler Slammed for Blue Ivy & R. Kelly Joke on Her Comedy Series

  • By Olamide Onipede


Comedy should always push the envelop, but Amy Poehler and her staff of writers may have taken things a bit too far on her new show, “Difficult People.” Poehler produces the show which stars comedian Julie Klausner and is available on Hulu. During the debut episode, Klausner joked about Blue Ivy Carter being urinated on by R. Kelly.

The scene in question features Klausner’s character engaged in a conversation with another comic Billy Epstein. Klausner reveals that she is being swarmed on social media by Beyonce’s BeyHive fans due to a joke that bombed during a recent stand-up performance.

Epstein asked Klausner to repeat the joke and she said, “I can’t wait for Blue Ivy to be old enough so R. Kelly can piss on her.”

The controversial joke did create a firestorm on social media in real life as people used Twitter to blast Klausner and Poehler. Child pedophilia continues to be a disturbing issue and it was a tasteless attempt at humor to involve a toddler.

There are also racial undertones to the joke. Some believe the joke never would’ve been made about a White celebrity’s child in such manner.

At press time, Poehler or Klausner have yet to issue an apology or statement in regard to the joke.

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