Britney Spears calls fans ‘F**king A**holes’ during Her Las Vegas Show(Video)

  • By Olamide Onipede


Having a bad night, Brit Brit? On Twitter, Britney Spears was SO excited to get back on the stage for her Piece Of Meshow in Las Vegas on Wednesday evening, but her actions on stage totally suggested otherwise. Unless she was super excited the entire night until she came across a rude fan … or was it many fans?!Some attendees were able to capture this crazy moment during the show where the 33-year-old called either the whole audience or maybe one group in particular “f*cking assholes!” Now, we aren’t necessarily sure what exactly happened, but some fans are claiming someone in the pit section called the mommy of two a “fat b*tch” and she heard them! Luckily for everyone who wasn’t there for this epic moment, a few users shared video proof . We all heard ya loud and clear, Brit! What do YOU think happened that night?? See the video below…

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