I am not getting endorsements because I refuse to change my brand-Terry G

  • By Olamide Onipede


Terry G has opened up in a new interview with Punch on why he won’t lose his crazy image, marriage and setting trends

On Marriage

It will happen very soon but it takes planning and much more. Ironically, I am facing a lot of pressure regarding marriage but it is not from either of our families. The pressure is from outsiders. I want to work hard and be stable. I want to work to the extent that I would not rely on music because I do music for fun. Everybody knows that she lives with me and I am already living like a married man.

Why do you like being controversial?

It is what sells. I am not the rave-of –the –moment artiste but I am still very relevant in the industry and it is because I am controversial. I love the controversy. I like making people talk.

People are of the opinion that since you became a father, you have calmed down in your lifestyle, do you agree to that?

Yes it is true. Anybody that has a child must calm down, it is a general thing. Once you have a child, you must become a responsible man. That is when people would know that the madness is deliberate and it is just being done to make money. My son is a British citizen and he is going back to school in London in March. This is to show people that I know what I am doing. The craziness is what puts food on my table and money in my bank accounts. There are people that support and love it.

Back then, you pierced your entire face, why did you eventually remove the studs on your face?

I stopped because I already set the pace and everybody is piercing now. I will still do something that they will follow.

What is the most expensive fashion item you own?

It is my jewellery but I cannot say the amount I bought it for security reasons. They are investments and even my earring is gold.

What kind of clothes do you feel most comfortable in?

I love looking hip-hop. Dressing is a style and there are so many reasons I am not on a billboard. I will not cut my hair for any reason neither would I change my brand. I cannot lose this image because of my fans and I love them so much.

Why do you like wearing bright coloured clothes?

I like flashy colours because of the kind of shoes I wear. I like blue, red, and green. I like colours a lot but I do not like pink. I believe pink and purple are colours for homosexuals

What fashion item can you not leave home without?

That would be my jewellery. They call me Mr. Bling Bling, I started it.

What is the biggest fashion mistake you have made?

There was a time I put different colours on my hair at once. My hair was multi-coloured and I looked like a masquerade. It had yellow, green and red. That was a big fashion regret but I just wanted people to talk about my brand. I just started out back then.

Since you portray craziness with your brand, can you do that hairstyle again?

Never, God forbids.

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