Meek Mill Compares His Relationship With Nicki Minaj To Beyonce & Jay Z

  • By Olamide Onipede


It’s no secret that Meek Mill, 28, and Nicki Minaj, 32, are in love. The two have been all about the PDA during the time they’ve been together, and their music video for “All Eyes On You” is super steamy! In a recent interview, Meek talked about his romance with Nicki, but not just in the lovey-dovey way you’d expect. He also defended their relationship from any doubts that people including Drake, have about them, and did so by referencing one of music’s hottest couples!

You’ve got to have a lot of confidence in your relationship to compare you and your boo to Beyonce, 33, and Jay-Z, 45, but Meek wasn’t afraid to do so when it came to Nicki. Drake, on the other hand, doesn’t have so much faith that the two are compatible. He released a song on July 29 called “Back to Back,” where he went as far as predicting that Nicki would break up with Meek one day! Meek talked about haters like Drake in an interview with Billboard.

“You can’t be hard all the time, man,” he told Billboard, referring to the criticism he has received for balancing such hard-edged music and a relationship. “There’s both sides to everything. What’s wrong with it? Jay Z was a street rapper and he had a girlfriend.”

Meek has a pretty good point after all, Jay-Z and Beyonce have become one of the most powerful couples in music! Nicki has already reached superstardom and Meek is on his way, so he’s not terribly wrong for making that comparison. Plus, it’s a great way to validate Meek’s confidence in his relationship!

Meek hasn’t retaliated against Drake’s song “Back to Back,” but we think his analogy does a pretty great job at telling Drake he isn’t phased by the disses.

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