Notorious B.I.G. Hologram To Debut In Faith Evans’ Video

  • By Olamide Onipede


The Notorious B.I.G.’s estate has confirmed that ARHT Media has obtained the digital rights to Christopher Wallace’s hologram, which is set to be unveiled onstage and in music videos.

“This project has been a long-time coming, and it is very special to me,” Biggie’s mom, Voletta Wallace, told Billboard. “Words can’t even capture how elated I am for the world to finally see my son again on stage and beyond. Christopher’s impact and legacy will not only live through his past work, but also the new experiences which have been made possible through ARHT Media.”

Biggie’s “Humagram” will first be seen in a Faith Evans music video for the lead single off her upcoming Biggie duets album The King & I, according to the report. Just last month, Biggie’s former wife revealed that a hologram was in development.

“What we’re gonna start with is a video with the first single from The King & I [and] then I think Faith wants to do a little tour,” ARHT’s founder Rene Bharti told Billboard. It’s possible that could involve Puff Daddy & The Family’s two-night reunion concert set to take place in May, though that remains unclear.

“After seeing all the technologies out there, I realized right away that ARHT Media would be the best partner to bring back Notorious B.I.G.,” Evans told Billboard. “I look forward to continue working with them and presenting the world with his Humagram in both video and stage format, through the release of my album The King & I.”

ARHT has worked with the likes of motivational speaker Tony Robbins in the past. The company beamed him into four-day speaking engagements across the world using their technology.

While this is ARHT’s first foray into the rapper hologram world, other MCs have been part of the technological craze. That list includes Tupac Shakur, Eazy-E, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, and Chief Keef.

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