Skuki Peeshaun’s Alleged Girlfriend Says She’s Not Dating Him

  • By Olamide Onipede


Peeshaun Skuki took to his Instagram to admire one of his closest friends Ladapo Busayo on Wednesday, but his caption suggested otherwise. Many suspected foul play when there were no photos of Skuki on her page as at that time.

Now the lady in question has thrashed all rumors by revealing he only belongs to her friendzone.

The conclusions drawn on social media headlines that

‘I am @skukipeeshaun ‘s girlfriend are absolutely not true!!! Woman Crush Wednesday(WCW) as an Instagram trend is used to appreciate women worldwide. The fact that @skukipeeshaun took to his Media Platform to appreciate me with sincere lines does not give any concluding facts as to a seeming relationship from either parties. We have mutual respect for each other.
That being said, please note that this goes a long way into affecting our everyday lives, especially for those of us that try to live quiet and normal lives. Thank you.”

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She went on to retailiate the affection Peeshaun showed her on Instagram yesterday and revealed they have been friends for 5 years.

It is just crazy how meanings are read out of context from a beautiful gesture! These days, it’s so hard to be open and honest on social media. The moment a friendship of about 5 years became public, opinions started flying everywhere and conclusions were being drawn.
@skukipeeshaun I take this day to appreciate you as you have appreciated me… That one who just knows how to get you.
That one whose calls can turn your worries into peace & quiet.
That one who knows when to scold and when to lend a helping hand.
So annoying sometimes makes me want to pull my hair, yet so understanding I find myself admitting my wrongs with ease.
That one who surprises me daily with the substance in him.
That one who I can always lean on.
That one I know always has my back.
That amazing person I never want to lose.
That bestfriend.
Thank you for being a positive part of my world… @skukipeeshaun

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