Why I bought myself a G-Wagon- Zakki Azzay

  • By Olamide Onipede

zakki azzay

Veteran Hausa hiphop artiste, Zakki Azzay who recently pampered himself with a G-wagon and also completed his estate in Markurdi opened up to Encomium on why he bought the G-Wagon. He said;

I have always been in love with G-Wagon and I have been praying to God that I should be able to afford one before I die. I was able to afford one, a 2013 model. I was actually building an estate on a street that is named after me somewhere in Makurdi. I have eventually finished building it and moved into one of the flats recently. I am not relocating to Makurdi, I built the estate for commercial purposes. In fact, I am building another one in Lekki, Lagos where the street is also named after me, Zaki Azzay Close.

His take on extra-marital affairs?

The truth is, if you are ‘acting in love’ that would be possible but if you are ‘truly in love’, it is difficult to cheat. Being in love, you can’t even see any other woman because whatever move you are trying to make, you will end up seeing your wife/partner in all of it. And that is what real love is all about. As far as I am concerned, it is not possible for anybody to be in love and cheat at the same time.


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