There is hope for Hip-Hop

  • By Arinzechukwu Patrick

I know Africans who want to listen to real hip-hop music and not the dancerie I see being put up as “rap”, I chuckle. It’s here today and gone tomorrow. But there is good news; there is hope for our culture. And it is only because of Kewe Tony Nomuoja. Born 29th of May in a year unknown to mankind, a non-graduate from Redeemers University, born in Lasgidi but bred in between Lagos and Dubai. How cool is that?

What’s a trend when you’re creating a wave? I blame Kanye for discrepancies in youths today; I also laud him for being a positive trendsetter. The college dropout by Kanye West is by far the best inspiration for upcoming artists in the music industry. When Triq heard The College Dropout by Kanye West it inspired him to follow the legends footsteps and also to make music. Funny thing is Triq was a bootlegger until he heard Kanye and bought an album for real. Score one for hip-hop.

I heard about Triq through his campaigns. As an artist he has insane publicity concepts; a good example is his current online campaign for his upcoming mixtape OTA BENGA FLOW with images flooding the web of people claiming to be Ota Benga.  Prior to, Triq released three studio mixtape and for that, I love his consistency. When it comes to his rap I love his voice and how thick it is compared to how small he is in real life, that crisp voice like you are listening to the Smoke Dza. Especially on songs like True religion and Never that on his second mixtape titled Tales by the Streetlight, and the first single out for Ota Benga flow.


Ota Benga

Ota Benga flow represents discrimination in the music industry. Ota Benga was a man widely discriminated for his characteristics and so Triq decided to use his story as a concept for his mixtape. Brilliant, everyone loves innovations

Triq is ready to take it globally go head to head with those at large, J Cole, Kendrick, Earl, whoever. Most rappers sell half of what the dream entails; Triq feels you can be a gangster, a cool kid, a nerd or whatever and still do your thing right. His first single was titled wait is over and it featured Patoranking.  Some of his rap music influences are Kanye west, his mother, Nas, Hov, Eminem and also Chance The Rapper for his independence.

See his SoundCloud: OfficialTriq

Twitter: Official_Triq

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