2face Idibia: “I nearly died when I was 26”, pop star reveals

  • By Olamide Onipede


Singer 2face Idibia opened up to NET in a recent interview on his near death experience.

Tubaba said he nearly died when he was 26. According to the superstar who narrated his experience in Pidgin English:

“It was in Lagos. I was driving from Kuramo beach then. That time Kuramo beach day reign. I was drunk, like I don kpeff so tey I day use the moto do video game. I dey do like say na Grand Theft Auto I dey. As I reach the bend I couldn’t even… you know these street poles with concrete base.

“Picture that kian concrete based na na him I gbabam so tey as I day jam the thing I off. E just be like say them switch one light for my body. Na hospital where them day sow the stitch na I wake up. I was unconscious’. 2face continued saying, ‘Yeah! That time when I woke up in the hospital I was like men, so that’s how I would have just gone like that? It was crazy and after that accident I started having speed phobia. I started having speed phobia.”

2face who will be celebrating his 40th birthday on September 18, 2015 said he will release his book on that same day.

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