“Sarkodie is a rap god” – J. Foley reports from the BET

  • By Olamide Onipede


Radio and TV personality J. Foley who is currently in Los Angeles, venue for the 2015 BET Awards has re-echoed my voice after an amazing spectacle he witnessed.

Read a full account of what J. Foley shared on Facebook:

Hey i want to share something to everyone here today.

Ive been among the few people to get the chance to witness this huge musical spectacle called BET AWARDS. This is my second experience and i can only thank God for choosing me out of the lot to bear witness to what is happening in the outside world.

I want to say something about Sarkodie and Stonebwoy. Hope you have time to read.

Yesterday, at the Grammy Museum here in Los Angeles California, I was humbled and put into deep thought after Stonebwoy and Sarkodie took their turns on stage. Let me start my story. Now this goes out to all Ghanaians. Each and every single one of us.

Day in day out we undermine our very own people. We prefer to comment on the flaws of the very people who kill themselves to position Ghana on the Globe. We would rather tweet and criticise our leaders in various places and talents who day in day out push us forward.

We care more about the errors than the good. We will compare our ways to other countries and say “see how Nigerian artists are doing this and that”. When we can look at the goodness of our very own and say same to them.

“Stonebwoy didn’t deserve this, sark did that, 4×4 is this, Joey B is that. ..” always always criticising.”

These people we careless about are the very people who plug as in at those places where we cld never have dreamt of.

Yesterday, once again, at the GRAMMY Museum here in Los Angeles California, Sarkodie is a god…

Dont mince my words. He’s a god. Yes ive said it. I have..

He performed to a community of people who nevertheless understand twi in any way. Yet after AKA from SA handed his mic to Sark, this young guy, whom we ridicule and laugh at with Ace Hood, Sark rapped so so so well that “in twi” that we all stood up and clapped so hard. People from all over the world were simply amazed at his rap dexterity. His combination of words with rhyme and reason, so perfect to the point where i can say it was flawless. He said something in his rap that made so much sense.

He said, and i will try to summarise all he said.

“i understand the English language is not mine. You may laugh at my diction. Go ahead because its not my mother tongue. But if only you knew what i was saying in my local dialect, if only you understood the lines and the message in my music, you’d see how good i am. Im not here to bring you America, im here to show you what Ghana is made of. This is who we are”

His message to the few people who had the chance to watch his rap will forever hail this young man as a living testimony of life without borders.

Sarkodie said in his song that he is going for the Grammy. So ironic, his performance at the “GRAMMY” Museum made me see that BET is just too small for Sarkodie.
Sark is a rap god.

Lets protect our very own. Lets support and take pride in pushing our artiste and any other Ghanaian doing great things in his little small way.

As for Stonebwoy, i can’t even describe the emotions that run thru me when this man took to the stage. He is by far one of Ghana’s finest dancehall talents. And he gracefully said, “Africa this is the first time in the history of BET that a dancehall artiste has made it to this huge platform”

He sure was humbled by his own message.
My fellow bloggers, radio personalities, tv hosts, analysts and the media at large. There is only one thing we can do… lets paint the right picture to the world. Your tweets and posts are read by everyone. Support your very own. And make Ghana proud.

To Stonebwoy, i say bro, big ups. Well done. You have shown me there’s a world beyond what i can comprehend.

To Sark, i salute you. Rap god. The BET is too small for you. Your Grammy dream has been turned into reality.

I support good music. Big ups to all musicians in Ghana.

4×4, Shatta, samini, trig atumpan etc etc… you guys are gods…

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